Focus on Growing Your Business

    Let Us Handle the Day-to-Day Office Functions

    Small Business Assistance

    Scalable back office support services for small teams and solopreneurs.

    Nonprofit Assistance

    Services for nonprofit boards ranging from charities to homeowners' associations.

    Executive Assistance

    Administrative and concierge services for those in need of work/life balance.

    Real Estate Assistance

    Industry services extended to real estate investors and developers.

    Industries Served

    Traditional Hire vs. Virtual Team

    Traditional Hire

    • Single Job Offering

    • Base Pay

    • Bonus Pay & Incentives

    • Overtime & Holiday Pay

    • Paid Training

    • 401(k) & Employer Matching

    • Disability & Workers' Compensation

    • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance

    • Office Space & Furnishings

    • Hardware, Software & Technology

    • Paid Coffee/Snack/Smoke Breaks

    Virtual Team

    • Diversified Service Offerings

    • Pay only for the time you need - nothing more.

    On average, business owners spend 66% or more of their time on non revenue-generating activities.

    Top 10 Reasons Our Clients Like Us

    • 10

      We are FLEXIBLE.

      Here when you need us, gone when you don't.

    • 9

      We are AVAILABLE.

      Small businesses and nonprofits are not limited to 9 to 5. Neither are we.

    • 8

      We are TECHIES.

      Technology saves time and money. Let us show you how.

    • 7

      We are HYBRID.

      Most tasks can be handled off-site. For all else, we will come onsite.

    • 6

      We are INDEPENDENT.

      Clients are not responsible for worker-related taxes, insurance, or benefits.

    • 5

      We are PREPARED.

      Clients avoid the costs of additional office space, equipment, and software.

    • 4

      We are DIVERSE.

      Capabilities range from Accounting to WordPress, and all in between.

    • 3

      We are EXPERIENCED.

      All of our team members have five or more years of relevant experience.

    • 2

      We are SUCCESS-DRIVEN.

      Our efforts can help your business grow and succeed.
      In turn, our business will grow and succeed.

    • 1

      We are AWESOME (without the façade).

      Call us whatever you want... as long as you say we get it done.
      We care about maximizing productivity and minimizing costs - not titles.

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