Each nonprofit is built around its mission. That is, nonprofits contribute to worthy causes in society.

However, one thing stands between nonprofits and their contributions: finances. In other words, nonprofits are often pressed for funds, and this prevents them from reaching their goals.

But that’s where virtual assistants come in.

Virtual assistants (VAs) help nonprofits advance their goals. Because they are affordable, they promote better financial health. Above all, VAs foster flexibility in any organization.

So, no matter what your nonprofit does, it needs a supportive team. With a reliable crew of virtual assistants, you can drive consistent growth and meet your goals.

Understanding The Virtual Workplace

Today, businesses recognize the potential for greater productivity with low overhead costs. One way to achieve this is by hiring virtual assistants.

According to a recent report, 3.9 million Americans (2.9% of the workforce) work from home at least half the time. In fact, this practice is becoming even more popular as we enter 2019.

Since remote workers don’t need employee benefits or office space, delegating tasks to them lowers costs. With VAs, you can focus on the work at the heart of your organization.

VAs are competent in many administrative tasks. They also offer knowledge around online marketing strategies and research. They absorb daily tasks in a range of fields relevant to nonprofits. Whether it’s customer support or bookkeeping, VAs bring distinguished expertise to the evolving virtual workplace.

Effective VA Hiring Tips For Nonprofits

Ready to save time and money by hiring virtual assistants? There are a few things to consider first. Answer the following questions to determine your specific needs:

  • Which tasks can anyone outside of your nonprofit organization accomplish?
  • What tasks does your current staff not have time for?
  • Are there priorities you have consistently dismissed because you lack the resources? What are they?
  • How will you manage virtual relationships? Will you use phone, email, or web/video conferencing tools?

Introducing Your New VA to Your Nonprofit

Once hired, introduce your new virtual assistants to the staff of your nonprofit. Use an email announcement or web conferencing event.

In addition, an onboarding experience that includes training and mentoring is important. Your organization will benefit from connecting with your VAs.

After all, nonprofits understand how important it is to build relationships. This is how they achieve uniquely defined success. Therefore, using a virtual assistant to grow business is an investment in long-term potential.

Has your organization outsourced tasks to virtual assistants? What was your experience?

Comment below, and share your insights!

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