What is the “Gig Economy” and How You Can Benefit
    September 3, 2018

    What is “gig work”? Let’s start by it’s most basic definition: outsourcing. Digital outsourcing in this case. “Outsourcing” has been kind of a dirty word since the early 2000’s, but when done right, it could be a lucrative business move. With the emergence and rapid adaptation of the internet, more and more people are taking their skills straight to the source. According to an article written by The Guardian posted June 2018, over 16 million people work in the gig economy. Here are 6 reasons why the growing gig economy can help your business thrive.

    Work may be done better than if kept in-house

    The gig economy has access to a larger talent base; therefore, it is easier to find and hire someone else who may have more knowledge about an issue that you and your team may not.

    Able to tackle smaller tasks at once

    Tackling smaller tasks can be very time consuming, but the gig economy makes it easier to find a worker who is able to manage these tasks while you focus on other things.

    Easier to manage larger tasks

    By utilizing the gig economy, you can also tackle the larger, more important tasks within your business with ease with a few extra pair of hands.

    No need for a formal interview

    The gig economy is vast, and the workers are plenty. So, to dive into the gig economy without having to make calls, emails or appointments, try to find workers with optimal reviews and/or a portfolio that matches what you’re looking for.

    Flexibility with the gig economy

    Again, this economy has a growing workforce all over the world. So when you find that your business needs something done by a certain time, there is always someone available to work thanks to the internet.

    Different services for different needs

    To take the headache out of worrying where to start looking for potential hires, other outsourcing companies are ready to provide you with the services that you need. VEPAA, for example, has a variety of services including administration, bookkeeping, sales support and many more.

    Our last post touched on goal setting. Do you think that using the gig economy could make it easier to meet those goals? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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