SMART Goals for the Small Business Owner and Employees
    August 6, 2018

    Understanding SMART Goals

    If you operate a business, then you know the importance of creating goals. However, according to, creating the right type of goals is just as important. Now is a good time to reassess what you’ve accomplished for the year and tackle some SMART goals for the rest of the year. Here’s how:

    S Specific

    Create goals that target specific areas where you want to see the business improve. Do you want to see an increase in sales, website traffic, incoming calls, conversion rates, or what? Once you know the specific area you want to work on, select the people you want to lead that task. That way, they can begin to create their own set of goals to achieve it.

    M Measurable

    Make sure you can measure the goal otherwise you won’t know if you’ve achieved it or not. So, instead of saying increase sales, you may have a goal that would say to increase sales by 10%. Or instead of saying bring more traffic to the website, you would say increase traffic to the website to 110 people a week. This means you have to have the tools to measure your data as well.

    A Attainable

    No use making something unrealistic, because then everyone will be disappointed and discouraged. Make them attainable and when you accomplish them, it will be a reason to celebrate. The employees will feel great about achieving what they set out to achieve.

    R Relevant

    Make the goals relevant to your business model. What works for you may not work for others and vice versa. Some businesses may work more one-on-one with people whereas other companies do more of their work online. So, their strategies are going to differ vastly from yours. But as long as your goals are relevant to your needs, then they will serve you well.

    T Timely

    Finally, make sure you set up a timeline for achieving your goals. You could do a three or six-month deadline or push it out farther and make a one-year deadline for your goals. Then come back together with your staff and see how you’ve done. You can create new goals based on the data from the previous goals. This provides a baseline from which to work.

    Creating goals is the first step in accomplishing your dreams. Implementing the right type will put you on the path toward success.

    Do you have goals set for your business? If so, how do measure whether you’re achieving the results you want? Share your strategies in the comment section below.

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