Do you ever feel like you spend the majority of your day sending, reading and responding to emails? Want to get your email management under control but don’t know how?  

You’re not alone. In fact, services like VEPAA can help you ease your burden.

As a business owner, your company thrives on your constant communication with clients, prospects and employees. Afterall, communication is how you win new business, hire workers, and keep your organization growing!

But that doesn’t mean emails have to consume your entire day.  

Here are some easy tips to help you master email management. With these, you can spend time checking off other tasks on your to-do list, and less time glued to your inbox:  

Use the subject line wisely

Make sure that the recipient of your email understands exactly what the message is about before they even open it. If something requires immediate attention or action, the subject line is the best place to begin the request. Messages with generic or irrelevant subject titles tend to get overlooked, and sometimes deleted. 

Keep the body short and sweet

Nobody has an infinite attention span. Thus, in order to increase the chances of your email getting read and responded to quickly, make sure you are concise. Challenge yourself to get right to the point and cut back on unnecessary wording. 

Know when it’s time to pick up the phone

Emails tend to get confusing when complex topics are being discussed between two parties. To avoid too many unnecessary correspondences and get matters resolved quicker, it’s best to simply call the person and discuss the situation verbally. 

Schedule time intervals for checking mail

It’s very tempting to check your mail every time you receive a notification. But this habit is counterintuitive. It causes you to lose focus on the task that you were doing before the notification popped on your screen. As a result, it could take you 15-29 minutes to refocus your thoughts.

In order to avoid losing your focus, check your email only at certain times. Unless you are waiting for an urgent correspondence, the rest of the emails can hold off until the scheduled time. 


Now that you have some tips to help jumpstart better email management, we can move on to online tools that provide mailbox assistance.


Have any other email management tips that help you keep your days as productive as possible? Let us know in the comments below. 


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